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Recommended Reading – December 2018

I’ve posted the recommended reading blogs for one year now. It was a little experiment and I’ve enjoyed putting my thoughts to a few blogs but this will be my last for now.

Here are posts from December that I recommend:

The Best Leaders Are Helpful
Being helpful to teams can be an overlooked priority for leaders. “Listen and understand what people expect from you, not what will make you look good.” This post should act as a reminder to focus on giving over taking and offers suggestions on ways to help your teams. Remember, sometimes getting out of the team’s way can be their biggest help!

5 Ways Introverted Leadership can make You a Great Manager
Introverted leaders can naturally allow others to shine so looking at some of their traits makes this a great post. I believe any type of leader can succeed as long as they have self-awareness to understand how to collaborate better with each personality type in the team.

5 reasons empathy is the most important leadership skill
This post covers some good reasons to improve your empathy skills. Like any skill, it takes time and effort to master but the positive effects this can have on your teams show why it’s a skill that should not be overlooked.

5 Leadership Skills to Instill in the Next Generation
These are important skills but, I believe, to help instill these into the next generation the current one needs to be role models for them.

Why happy teams are productive and resilient teams
We can all agree on our need for happy teams but can overlook some of the benefits. This quick read highlights a few of these. A ‘Better quality of life’ is so important yet so hard to get and maintain, having teams that include “… accountability, camaraderie and a fair bit of banter” is a good start.

Don’t be fooled, leadership is not about being in front
Finally, one blog I posted this month looking at positional leadership and how leading from the front can be misleading.

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