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Continuous Delivery


Shifting your organization or teams towards Continuous Delivery is a challenge, there is a lot to discuss, plan, and implement. There are not only technical hurdles to get over but the mindset of the teams has to evolve with the new practices. With Continuous Delivery covering many different functions we can easily get lost on our path to improvement and lose sight of the next item to target. We need a way to track our CD progress!

I’m not aware many tools available to track maturity of the CD practices. There are maturity models available to help assess your progress and identify areas to work on. However, these are not easy to visualize, in the past, I’ve put printouts of a model around the office highlighting our level for each category, like the one I’ve mentioned before. This works but I would not say it’s ideal.

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All organizations strive for high-performing IT departments, it can be said the health of an organization could be gauged by looking at their IT department alone. We see constant change programs devised and rolled out to tackle inefficiency with results that are often disappointing which need more changes! Unless changes are made based on relevant hard data this cycle will be difficult to break. Nicole Forsgren is a Chief Scientist who analyses data to prove certain hypothesis – it’s this type of research that should get our attention.

Nicole explains this research in her What I Learned from Four Years of Science-ing the Crap out of DevOps talk. The survey questions were created based on Westrum typology which looks at organisational cultures and has a close mapping technology. The survey data reveals things about Continuous Delivery, Management, and Culture, but it’s CD I’m interested in here.

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It was the PIPELINE conference last week and, as usual, it was a great day! I highly recommend this for anyone interested in Continuous Delivery (CD), there is value to get out of all the sessions. This year Dan North kicked it off with a entertaining and challenging keynote on Ops and Operability, but it was the last talk of the day by Rachel Laycock that I really enjoyed. She spoke on “Continuous Delivery At Scale”, although I think many of the points covered can apply to any size of organization. During her talk she mentioned that Continuous Delivery needs to be investigated in an organisation first, I think this is a crucial point and must be taken seriously!

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I like Continuous Delivery (CD), as I’ve said before I believe it is the only way for organisations to keep up with their competitors, or ideally stay ahead of them! The rapidly changing world hasn’t got time to wait for updates; people want quality updates regularly. Gone are the days of 10 years ago where customers would wait months to see changes they’ve paid for. Expectations have changed drastically, without CD companies will fall behind, then be left behind!

This really isn’t anything new, companies are adopting CD, many have been doing it for years. But, as with most things, we sometimes lose focus and drift away from original paths. This doesn’t have to be a negative, when we find an easier way to do something, we tend to do it without thinking on the greater impact. Watching Steve Smith’s presentation – InfoQ: The Death of Continuous Integration – made… Continue reading


You only have to say “big bang release” to me and it causes my blood pressure to rise. Arrrgggghhhhhh!!!! Too many bad memories! I’ve been involved my fair share of painful big bang releases to know that they should be avoided, but we get into a cycle that’s hard to break! Almost as though we become anesthetized to the pain, all passion to improve is drained from us as we’ve accepted that “this is just the way it is”.

We’re in the software business because we enjoy being part of creating something, hopefully something we think is great! This is what we want to concentrate on, the more we firefight with releases the more team moral drops and people become disengaged. Some team members have never been the same since going through a number of these! The agonizing release process has taken its toll, the hunger to work for… Continue reading


…and post! First blog for stevesitton.com – check! Now to the list of everything else!

I had thought of starting a blog for sometime, now I’ve finally taken the step from thinking to doing. The first challenge came quickly – coming up with a name for the blog! I originally put the blog on geekymanager.com but since changed it this domain. What better than my name! There’s no hiding from the fact that I am a geek just didn’t want to define a particular theme to the blog.

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