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There are many things managers need to do and the majority involve working with others. Doing this in an efficient way that doesn’t disrupt others is a challenge! It could be asking a simple question or needing more in-depth information. The people you need have their own responsibilities, they could be having their own challenges or deeply focusing on something. So how do managers make requests to people without upsetting them?

First, what do I mean by a request? In this context, it’s the need for something from another person. It could be an answer to a question or a need for another person to carry out some sort of task. Ultimately, it’s something that they won’t be expecting and will likely interrupt them in some way.

We know, in reality, there are times as a manager when things need to happen urgently. This should be an exception though. The… Continue reading

Investing time wisely

Thinking about time amazes me, memories of growing up seem so long ago but that is probably my age! Sometimes we wish time would go more quickly, other times we want to savour special moments. But time can also be frightening when you know you can’t get it back. This is why time is often called the most precious gift. So what we do with our time is important, in the context of the workplace and leadership, time management is a skill that needs practise.

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”
Stephen R. Covey

This is relevant to all of us, are we investing our time in something of value?

I recommend watching this talk by Andy Walker called Optimize for Time. He gives advice on how to use time in a way that enables teams to improve. I enjoyed it and it made… Continue reading


I find it so easy to forget things. There I am making a cup of tea and remember something I need to do when I get back to my desk, do I remember – no! Within the space of two minutes, other thoughts or distractions have come along and it’s gone. The old-fashioned method of repeating it to yourself until you’re back at your desk hoping no one stops you on the way is my usual tactic! But the success ratio of this is very low!

Let’s face it, our days are busy, we have many things on the go at once and even more things to remember. How we remember what we need to do not only affect our productivity but also our health. Forgetting to do something important can have drastic effects on our relations with others which will only put extra pressure on us to remember.

There… Continue reading