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My name is Steve and this is simply another one blog along with the other thousands out there, but it’s special…because it’s mine! No subject is off limits but I enjoy talking about leadership and tech the most. I’ve worked in software for over 20 years but I can still remember the beginning…

It began for me in my final year at school when I had an epiphany that being a software developer was for me! This took me to college and then university to study computing and software engineering. Being in front of a computer was where I felt comfortable and got a real buzz out of creating even the simplest of programs! I wasn’t afraid anymore to admit that I was a geek!

My career started working in a support team for the company where I did my uni placement year. It wasn’t long before I made it to a developer full time…this was it for me…I was happy! As my career continued with different companies and responsibilities grew, becoming a team lead and taking ownership over applications felt like a natural progression.

Now I’m leading software teams where I can take my experience of being a developer and relate to others that I work closely with. My buzz now comes from seeing other people succeed. My passion for continually aiming to better myself has not faded, I believe you can learn something from anyone! To succeed in anything you need to work at it, so I continue to learn as much as possible from books, blogs, presentations, and the people around me. I’m never tired of learning!

I am a recovering perfectionist! It took many years but I’ve realized that perfection is elusive, now progression is a more healthy approach to life. Leading tech teams has been a great learning curve, observing how others work without me getting agitated because I would have done something slightly differently! I’ve had to bite my tongue with many code reviews! This is why I love working with many different people so I can learn from them and better myself.

So then this blog! Even though my quest is to continually learn, I believe I have gathered a good experience so far. Certainly what I say is purely my opinion, but maybe others can benefit from it…time will tell!

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The views expressed on this blog are purely my opinion and do not represent views of any current or previous employers.