Hi, I’m Steve! This blog is a collection of my thoughts and opinions around tech leadership. I’ve worked in the software industry for over 23 years, having experience in different sized organisations with teams in a variety of locations. This has given me insight and awareness on what makes teams and organisations successful.

I loved being a developer in the early part of my career. For 10 years I was working across the stack solving problems and naturally over time stepped in leading teams and owning the technical side of products. Now, as a Head of Engineering, that developer experience helps me to understand and coach those around me. My buzz now comes from seeing teams and people succeed.

I still have a passion for learning and I look for opportunities to learn from those around me. To succeed in anything you need to work at it, so I continue to learn as much as possible from books, blogs, presentations, etc.

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The views expressed on this blog are purely my opinion and do not represent views of any current or previous employers.