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Following on from last year’s funnies here are a few from 2016 that I found amusing…

(I’ve linked to my source, but that may not be the original)

When you delete a block of code… (source)

Please don’t feed the coders (source)

When the engineer only reads half of your email about the design (source)
This code looks pretty old, I wonder if I can delete th…. what the… (source)
Tabs vs spaces (source)
Things are mostly fine (source)

If regular architecture was like software architecture (source)

When you’re refactoring your code and you fix a bug too (source)
An “Ohnosecond” is defined as period of time between when you hit enter & you realize what you just did (source)

Here are a few tech related images I found amusing this year.

(I’ve linked to my source but that may not be the original source)

Technical Debt in one image (source)

No time for big refactoring (source)

User Experience vs Design (source)

Evolution of the work space! (source)
Agile Surgery (source)

Every software project (source)

When you fix a bug in production! (source)
Waterfall UX (source)

Dilbert (source)

Finally, not tech related, but the Funniest animated GIFs from 2015 are worth a look!