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Recommended Reading – May 2018

Some blogs I recommend reading this month…

7 Traits That Make a Great Software Developer
There are many “great developer trait” lists and I don’t think there is anything new here. I’ve included the link because it’s important for leaders to guide and coach each developer that directly reports to you on these traits. You may see some as more important than others but it’s about the needs of each person and working together on improvements.

Don’t Hire Remote Workers Who Can’t Nail These 6 Interview Questions
Recruitment is one of the most important jobs for a leader and the teams so I like finding new interview questions that can help understand candidates better. I would say that most of these questions are not only for remote workers.

How we make decisions at Coinbase
Good post on making decisions that I’m sure many can draw from. Having the right number of decision-makers for each decision is vital to the process but often figured out at the very end.

Creating A High-Trust, High-Performance Culture
Sometimes as a manager, you feel helpless in the impact you can have on company culture, especially more larger companies. A great quote I heard describing culture is that your culture is “every decision you make”. Even as a manager, you will directly impact your teams which can set changes in motion for outside teams. Showing you care and want the best for teams is the foundation of a high trusting performance culture.

Battling Perfectionism
I like the way Julie looks at perfectionism as “you’re denying yourself the opportunity to do something even better.” It’s true, our days are busy and the time we spend on tasks is often a difficult balance between prioritizing what we do and how much time we spend on it. Having the right perspective on all our tasks helps to improve this balance.

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