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Recommended Reading – April 2018

Some blogs I recommend reading this month…

The Two Traits of the Best Problem-Solving Teams
Having teams that are cognitively diverse that also have psychological safety are probably on most leaders’ wish list. It is the leaders and their behaviour that are key to this.

Talk: Building Great Engineer Cultures from 0 to Scale
Fast-paced from Marty Weiner with lots of content. Whether you’re scaling your teams or not there are good takeaways for any leader. I like the active listening technique he references and especially the “Communicate the “why”” so that others don’t need to assume my motivations.

Blind Spots That Plague Even The Best Leaders
We are all human and therefore none of us are immune to mistakes. This is a good post about managing 5 visionary weaknesses. I believe leaders need to show good self-awareness over their blind spots and to listen and learn from others to fill the gaps.

The Hardest Skill of All for Managers to Learn and Build
I mentioned self-awareness with the previous link and this post will help with that! It’s one of the hardest skills to develop as you need to put yourself under the microscope and be honest with your evaluations. Learning, getting feedback, and reflecting are all covered in this post.

3 Mistakes You’re Making When You Give Constructive Feedback
Constructive feedback is never easy to give, not only wondering about the other person reaction but also worried you won’t make it worse with how you deliver it. Your goal is, to be honest, and supportive, not superior. This post provides a few examples that will help be more supportive.

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    Thanks for the shout out Steve! Glad you found our blog and the self-awareness post helpful.

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