Forward-thinking during year-end reviews

Forward-thinking during year-end reviews

Year-end reviews think back on the year, while this is important it’s also a good opportunity to be forward thinking for next year. Whether it’s for us or others, preparing for next year while reflecting on this one can prove valuable. The goal-setting period usually creeps up on us and, before we know it, we’re throwing in goals without much thought to finally prevent the annoying reminders appearing!

Jotting down a few thoughts now should be a quick exercise. While the year-end discussions are fresh in your mind, note down anything that could help for the future. Ask questions about yourself and your team to help stimulate this time…

  • For each person in the team, what’s top of the list for their growth? Is it an improvement or a new skill?
  • What will your job look like in 1 year? What do you need to plan for? Same for your team.
  • What needs to change? Was there something that simply didn’t work or caused delays that need attention? What 3 things will make the biggest improvement to the teams?
  • Can your 1:1’s be improved? Have they turned into status reports and want to have more of a time of mentorship?
  • Would you like to praise people more, if so, any ideas how you want to do this?
  • How’s the communication in and around the team, where can this be improved? Do teams need to work closer together? What about your communication?
  • Are there any processes that need improving? Do you have nightmare Big Bang releases? What steps can be made to simplify/automate this?
  • What training is needed for the team and you? Can it be a one day course or a study program over a few weeks/months?
  • What conferences could the team attend to add value and energy?
  • Who can help with any of these ideas? Is it worth speaking to them now to brainstorm further?

For now, simply jot down as many ideas you can, they can be elaborated on more in the new year. Let these thoughts mull over in your mind during the wind-down period. Any time you can take to think forward now will give a valuable head start for the busy new year.






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