September plan diary

Transitioning from developer to manager

Here are a couple of resources that might be useful when transitioning from a developer role into management. I never put a plan together when I made the transition, even though I knew that management was the correct career path for me, a plan would have helped! Just visualizing progress and having more of a structured study plan can make a big difference. But, even now, as I found out, these resources are helpful for existing managers to step back and evaluate any areas that could be improved.

These resources are also be helpful if you’re unsure a management position is for you, they offer good tips to determine if the step into management is really the right one.

  • First Round: This 90-day plan turns engineers into remarkable managers
    This is a 90-day plan by David Loftesness, Twitter’s former Director of Engineering, that helps new managers set their priorities and assess their own performance. The plan is split into 3 stages: Own Your Education (Days 1-30), Find Your Rhythm (Days 31-60) and Assessing Yourself (Days 61-90). He starts off with the essential decision of whether management is the right choice.






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