You don’t mistakenly become great

You don’t mistakenly become great

I don’t follow the NBA much but came across this short video from an interview with Draymond Green from Golden State Warriors that impressed me…

To quote one part:

You don’t just mistakenly become great at something. You probably at one time believed that you can be great at that and then you worked to get great at that and you reached that greatness.

I admire the effort professional sportspeople put in to be the best. Some of the workout regimes they commit to are tough but their mindset is also key to their success. In addition, they typically have coaches and training staff supporting, encouraging, and pushing them along the way. This applies to our industry too!

As leaders, are we giving the people in our teams that chance to be great? Are we guiding them to believe in themselves, to have the confidence that they can achieve greatness? Do we tell them they’re great? Do we celebrate with them when they achieve something?

Do you have your own targets of greatness? How are you measuring yourself against that success? Are you surrounding yourself with the right people to stay on track?

There are many questions here, they may help review your teams to discover where more time can be invested for them or they might even challenge ourselves to rediscover a greatness goal we never achieved!

Finally, when we look at our own path, who are the people that gave you the confidence to achieve something? Have you thanked them? It could be a friend, relative, or work colleague, showing our appreciation could mean a lot to them.





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