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Recommended Reading – October 2018

Here are a few blogs I recommend reading from this month…

On Leadership: Why building trust is the core of every successful team
“Trust is the foundation of every great, high-performing team.” Great post on why trust and relationships are so important and how to build them. From the way your teams interact can you tell if they are built on trust?

Good Leader vs. Bad Leader: 5 Situations You Face Every Day
We can read many posts on the leadership without knowing how to put it into practise, the situations in this blog help role-play interactions in your mind that might be familiar. “The good leader sees the glass half full that everyone wants to help them.”

From Tortured to Thriving: 5 Ways We Can Transform Our Work Experience for the Better
Work does get the blame for many things that aren’t going well in our lives but this is not always the cause. This blog takes a different perspective to our work and could help us take a more positive outlook that may improve our lives not just work.

Managers & Mental Health
All managers have to understand mental health and how it can impact individuals. We have to observe our team to spot if someone is struggling and listen if someone wants to open up with us. Ultimately, we need to care for each person and put their welfare before ours. This is an honest, and sad, post on this often ignored subject.

New managers, 7 things to consider when you run your first team meeting
I believe team meetings are important, they are a place to share information and expectations as a whole that can be reiterated in one-on-ones. My team meetings have changed since I first started doing them adding more ideas myself and from feedback. Although this article is targeted at new managers everyone can learn something from it.

How to Lead a Team with Empathy and Kindness
“I think the best managers have caring, empathetic personalities.” I do too! Some managers think showing emotion or weakness will negatively impact their career, I think this is wrong. Showing you care for each person in your team helps form the relationships to build strong teams. The visible success and happiness of your teams are what others will see. Good post about building relationships and culture. “You build culture by talking to people one by one, and understanding what they care about.”

5 Things to Do When Your Team Is Under Pressure
Sometimes we can act irrationally when the pressure is on, as a leader this can send the wrong signals to the team. I can relate to all the points in this post and not always is a positive way! “Performing under pressure is really all about trust. You’ve hired smart people, so let them play to their strengths.”

How I remember things
Lastly, one of my own covering techniques I use to remember things.

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