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Recommended Reading – September 2018

Here are a few blogs I recommend reading from this month…

6 tips to be a better manager in the most common situations you’ll face
Asking for feedback from people has never resulted in too much success for me, a good tip is to “Ask for advice instead of feedback.” I do think that saying “I’m giving you this feedback because I want you to succeed.” can come across a bit pretentious and should only be used with certain people. The blog has good tips that is worth reading.

The 5 things your employee wants to say to you that you do not want to hear
“If you choose to listen, make sure you are ready to make changes based on what you hear or your best people who were willing to give you the feedback will walk.” Choose to listen! Transparency, communication, purpose are all crucial for building strong teams. A good post detailing what employees need to hear, they need to hear more too but we need to listen to each person to find out what.

Don’t Try to Be the “Fun Boss” — and Other Lessons in Ethical Leadership
Leadership is hard and we cannot always be the ‘fun’ leader we think we need to be. The 5 tips covered will help to build trust and engage with your teams. “Having awareness of your surroundings and an understanding of the ways you influence your team will help to keep yourself (and your team) on track.”

Great Leaders Don’t Try To Change Themselves. They Do This Instead.
Good and challenging post about keeping true to who you are in leadership positions. “Change what you do, not who you are.”

The Unspoken Truth About Leadership
Being a leader is hard, people are looking at you, talking about you behind your back and watching every mistake you make. This is an open and honest blog about the reality of leadership.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in a Leader
It’s important for leaders to have a good understanding of emotional intelligence and be able to display it. There are clear benefits for both the leader and the organization, as covered in this post.

5 Not-So-Obvious Traits of a Healthy Team Culture
I think I overuse the word ‘balance’ sometimes but it is important to get the right balance across many areas of team life. This and the other 4 traits all form important parts of a strong team.

“Are you on mute?” – The Tragedy of Meetings
Finally, a post of mine all about lovely meetings!

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