Stop making excuses

Take yourself seriously

I can really relate to this Medium post – Do You Take Yourself Seriously?

It was part of the thinking I had for my Be yourself post. It’s difficult to imagine how many brilliant ideas never happened because they were kept silent. I’m pretty sure my ideas would have amazed lots of people…hmmmmm! Maybe only a few people… Probably weren’t very good ideas… And this is the point, because I never spoke out about it we’ll never know.

You sabotage yourself.

We’re very good at defeating ourselves. Just give yourself a bit of time, then voila! We’re not good enough! My past is littered with these scenarios.

You spend a lot of time dreaming but not actually doing. You come up with ideas but you stop yourself before you even try.

Dreams don’t become reality because we put them off!

I put off setting up this blog many times, I thought what have got it say that other don’t already know. Then I just put in the effort to do it, now look at me…I’m telling everyone stuff they already know! Nothing like being on the pulse!

What would work be like if no one voiced their opinions and ideas? You’d never get anywhere! But more realistically it seems to be the same people that speak out. We need everyone to be vocal to get a variety of ideas. I often find that one idea can be a springboard for more ideas that evolve into the final outcome. This all started with the first voice speaking out. If the environment you work in isn’t safe for people to do this it needs to change and people need to be encouraged to share thoughts.

You’ll eventually see someone else who had the same idea you had, but she shared it with the world, she did something with it.

We can struggle with the demons inside us telling us “we’re no good” or “what is the point in doing that!” These are usually only excuses and we need to get out of the habit of making them. Treat ideas like you have something to say, be confident about them. Tell people about them without being afraid of negative comments, embrace whatever comments do come back whether good or bad!

Next time you have an idea, will you shout out about it?

That might mean speaking up at work. Or it might mean just finishing that one thing you’ve been thinking about forever. Or it might mean tweeting about it, making a video or blog post about it, or getting on a stage and sharing it with an audience.

Whatever that thing is….just do it!





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