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Which area do you need to improve?

We’re all trying to improve ourselves…right? Our grand plans that the beginning of the year may already be a distant memory, but there is always time to re-focus and improve one or more areas. Harvard Business Review wrote – The 8 Self-Assessments You Need to Improve at Work This Year – that covers all different areas of work life. The assessments are in:

  1. Productivity
  2. Work/life balance
  3. Cultural skills
  4. Emotional Intelligence (2 assessments)
  5. Communication skills
  6. Finance skills
  7. Managing your boss

If you’re looking to improve an area here I’d recommend taking the time to complete some of the self-assessments, the ones I tried were fairly quick to do. You may discover areas you never thought you needed to improve on! With the results more links are given for further reading to take you to that next level!

Here’s some of my feedback…

Five important EI competencies
My scores were:
– Emotional Self-Awareness 18/25
– Positive Outlook 19/25
– Emotional Self-Control 16/25
– Adaptability 16/25
– Empathy 16/25
A few of my scores were slightly lower than average. There were not many takeaways for me on this assessment.

Evaluate Your Emotional Agility
The results said: “You tend to alternate between avoiding and buying into your thoughts and feelings.” In other words I’m adaptable? Flexible? I’ll take the positives from that statement!

This assessment was all about grammar, not my greatest of areas, but I’ve known this so have worked on it. Some of the questions were pretty tricky so I’m quite pleased with the result – 7/10 ( average of 6). “You’re on your way to mastering grammar basics — but you have some brushing up to do.” Well, I may have got lucky with a guess or two!

Managing your boss
Interesting situations are described in this assessment and you’re marked on how “politically savvy” your responses are. I got 3/5 ( average 2.8). So 2 of my answers were not “The politically savvy response”. I guess they haven’t met my boss 🙂

Have a go, see if there’s anything you discover!






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