Good to shutup!

Ask a question, then keep talking!

You start out with a question…

“How is the migration project going?”

But then you keep talking!

“…I was talking to Bob and he says there are few questions that still need to be answered before we can progress”

What happens is they begin to answer your question but then have to stop because you’re still talking. Maybe you throw in another question too! Before you know it they have forgotten the first question and maybe don’t know what they are meant to be answering now. Worse still is when you forget what the first question was!

I get that you can ask a couple of questions in one go, this is all about how the sentence is structured so they know not to start talking until you’ve finished.

In a way I think this blog is more for myself in an attempt to finally kick the habit and improve how I structure questions. But I witness this happening all the time in other people, maybe I’ve started a pandemic problem where people cannot ask questions properly! I can see it now on the news….reports will be coming in – no questions are being answered across the world because people keep talking! Chaos looms…

…anyway…snapping out of that nightmare…I know this is not a big issue but I do get annoyed with myself when someone tries to answer my question but I’m still yabbering away!

Do you have a habit that you find annoying and see in others too?

There are times when I just shut up mid sentence when I realise….I’ve done it again!!





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