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Monthly Archives: November 2018


Here are a few blogs I recommend reading from this month…

The Ultimate Workplace Praise Guide: How to be More Positive at Work and Give More Praise to Your Team
“Positivity is a choice.” If a manager is always complaining and downbeat how do you think the team will feel? How a manager acts reflects in the team too, being positive and giving praise both play a major part of this. This doesn’t always come easily, it is hard and takes effort but this post provides a number of good tips to boost your positivity. It’s difficult to pick out one or two because I agree with so many, but animated GIFs are a powerful and fun way to praise and share emotions.

Why geeks should speak
I’ve only spoken at one meetup but can attest to it building self-confidence and your professional network. This post provides lots of examples… Continue reading


incivility – rude or unsociable speech or behaviour.

This 15 minute TED talk by Christine Porath explains how incivility can have drastic effects on the teams and culture. She shares some powerful research showing the true cost incivility has but also simple steps on how we can avoid it by thanking people, sharing credit, listening attentively, humbly asking questions, acknowledging others, and smiling. I recommend watching…


Radical Candor by Kim Scott is one of my top recommended reads for leaders. For any leader or those aspiring to be it’s packed with great advice around building relationships and should challenge or direct how we do things.

This blog is simply to highlight some of the areas that jumped out at me so there are plenty of quotes with some thoughts of my own.

Relationships and building trust

Whether we like it or not we are in the results business, companies survive or fail based on their success. But managers whose priority is on the results often miss the biggest factor to success which is building relationships with the team.

“Bosses guide a team to achieve results.”

A manager’s responsibilities revolve around guidance, team-building, results. They each interlink and are dependent on each other if there is a weak link somewhere it can impact in other areas e.g.… Continue reading