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Some blogs I recommend reading from this month…

What to do (and not do) during your first 2 weeks as a new manager
Good advice for new managers, some are good reminders even for the more experienced. Saying “I don’t know” is a sign of humility and can be used throughout a career.

How to Run an Effective and Engaging Problem Solving Session
“Things go wrong. It happens.” Indeed they do! A good strategy when facing those pressured and often very visible problems is to “Stay open, listen, and facilitate discussion.” Forward facing questions has been a challenge for me and takes practise to overcome.

Say the Hard Thing
“The difficulty with saying the hard thing is you know how it will feel to hear the hard thing.” It is never easy giving feedback that may not be received well, but it is the responsibility of every manager to do… Continue reading


Our days are busy, filled with meetings, status updates, future planning, risk assessing, decision making and the rest! The people in our teams are busy too! Above all we’re human, we have lives that impact our mood and outlook. To the point, we have bad days which means we can act in undesirable ways sometimes, but that doesn’t always mean there is a lack of respect. Sometimes a manager needs to let it go!

A few examples where people behave unexpectedly could be:

  • Snapping a response back to a question
  • Turn up late for a meeting without saying anything
  • Raising a voice at you or someone in the team
  • Someone storms out of a team meeting or 1:1

No question, some actions can be disrespectful but there are different ways to deal with them. The relationship you have with the person is important as you draw from that experience. As… Continue reading