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Monthly Archives: March 2017


It was the PIPELINE conference last week and, as usual, it was a great day! I highly recommend this for anyone interested in Continuous Delivery (CD), there is value to get out of all the sessions. This year Dan North kicked it off with a entertaining and challenging keynote on Ops and Operability, but it was the last talk of the day by Rachel Laycock that I really enjoyed. She spoke on “Continuous Delivery At Scale”, although I think many of the points covered can apply to any size of organization. During her talk she mentioned that Continuous Delivery needs to be investigated in an organisation first, I think this is a crucial point and must be taken seriously!

During Steve Smith’s talk, he said “Continuous Delivery is hard”. This could be considered an understatement! One thing you cannot do is drive straight into microservices and think you’re… Continue reading


We obviously know who our team is, but do we really know each person?! Each person is unique, each has their own strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. To get the best out of someone you need to understand them well enough. This takes time but it also takes thought with seeking the right information. Having that deeper knowledge not only strengthens the relationship, it means you have the insight to make decisions for the benefit of individuals and the team.

In a previous blog – taking notes during a one-on-one – I mentioned capturing notes from these one-on-ones into a draft email. This I still do, but there is more in this email that helps me get to know each person. As well as the regular notes I take I aim to out more about them using these subjects: Mobile, Family, Birthday, Lives, Likes, What is truly important, Favourite… Continue reading