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Monthly Archives: December 2016


Regular retrospectives are essential for continuous improvement, but they can get a little tedious if the same format is constantly used. Having variation in location and structure helps to create some interest and hopefully a bit of fun! There are various places to look for ideas, here are a few I use:

For a recent retrospective, and as we’re in the Christmas season, I wanted to have a festive theme to set the mood. I’d come across the Many Faces of Jack Sparrow idea, which I really liked and with a small change came up with – Many Faces of Santa.

This is the board we started with (only a few searches to find the images):

Everyone could see the board as they came into the room which aroused curiosity and a few smiles. The… Continue reading


Following on from last year’s funnies here are a few from 2016 that I found amusing…

(I’ve linked to my source, but that may not be the original)

When you delete a block of code… (source)

Please don’t feed the coders (source)

When the engineer only reads half of your email about the design (source)
This code looks pretty old, I wonder if I can delete th…. what the… (source)
Tabs vs spaces (source)
Things are mostly fine (source)

If regular architecture was like software architecture (source)

When you’re refactoring your code and you fix a bug too (source)
An “Ohnosecond” is defined as period of time between when you hit enter & you realize what you just did (source)

I found this short TED talk below by Roselinde Torres relevant for today’s leaders. It was recorded in November 2013 – see if it’s significant for you?

We should always be asking what makes a great leader, particularly ourselves, as it causes us to evaluate the present state of affairs. Have any of the practices we’re using become outdated or is the team obvious to them because there seen as unnecessary? Until we start looking we’re usually not aware of changes happening, as they tend to happen quickly leaders have to be continuing watching.

Roselinde makes some good points about checking who we are spending time with, developing a diverse network of relationships, and being courageous enough to abandon past practices. It is important we are “shaping the future, not reacting to it”, not only for us but especially for our teams. Forward thinking is an important skill, by… Continue reading