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Monthly Archives: August 2016


Do you get that air of excitement when trying something different? The anticipation waiting for the outcome builds the tension. Will the result meet expectations or will there be a surprise? Whether it’s a personal or team change there is a sense of intrigue trying to prove a theory or simply a hunch. Then the feeling of joy or puzzlement depending on the outcome. Deciding to try out new things can feel scary, but I believe it’s important for keeping teams engaged.

Sometimes just a break from the normal routine can be a relief, if this is how you feel, imagine how you’re team feels? I tend to get heavily into routines, from when I get up to what exercises I do in the gym, to break from this I feel a bit of a rebel…but I enjoy the change! We can get stuck in our ways at work as… Continue reading


I finished reading Dan Pink’s book Drive recently, it’s a book with a lot of takeaways and recommend it to anyone. Dan covers areas to help drive motivation: Automony, Mastery, and Purpose. If you would like a primer on the book this TED talk (18:36 mins) by Dan is very good. While reading the “Mastery” chapter I thought about leadership and what it takes to become a leader. Having posted before whether anyone can be a leader I believe mastery is key for leadership.

We spend many hours of our lives working, that could be actually in the office or thinking about work “out of hours”. As work is so central to our lives you would hope everyone would want to be the best they can be, aiming to learn and continuously improve. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, people are motivated in different ways and many see work as a… Continue reading