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Monthly Archives: June 2016


My list of annoyances is growing a bit (one, two), now number three – having to rush recruitment!

Building a team does take time, investment is needed from the hiring manager to decide the type of person to fit into the team/organisation and then the process needed to find that person. It’s important to get this first part right otherwise the rest of the process could be futile. Even once that’s done and CV’s start coming in that does not send a signal indicating the position will soon be filled! Being told that head count might be lost if its not used quickly sends the wrong message and makes a mockery of what should be a careful process.

One thing you don’t want to do is hire someone for the sake of it, this could cause real problems for the team on the long run. I understand… Continue reading


I can really relate to this Medium post – Do You Take Yourself Seriously?

It was part of the thinking I had for my Be yourself post. It’s difficult to imagine how many brilliant ideas never happened because they were kept silent. I’m pretty sure my ideas would have amazed lots of people…hmmmmm! Maybe only a few people… Probably weren’t very good ideas… And this is the point, because I never spoke out about it we’ll never know.

You sabotage yourself.

We’re very good at defeating ourselves. Just give yourself a bit of time, then voila! We’re not good enough! My past is littered with these scenarios.

You spend a lot of time dreaming but not actually doing. You come up with ideas but you stop yourself before you even try.

Dreams don’t become reality because we put them off!

I put off setting up this blog many times,… Continue reading