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Monthly Archives: March 2016


It doesn’t take long before I come across another Manager vs Leader blog. I actually enjoy reading them, other people’s experiences can help me challenge myself. Being a manager isn’t easy, but then there seems to be a different mindset to being a leader! It is a personal decision what we want to make out of our role/career, but if someone wants to become a leader, is that a goal anyone can achieve?

You could say no one chooses to be a leader and that it’s a function someone steps up to over others. It’s not something that happens overnight, it comes from years of experience and learning to improve certain skills. It takes a certain mindset to be people focus over task focus, proactive over reactive, and influential over giving orders.

Working this way is how to bring the best out of the team member, it… Continue reading


I like Continuous Delivery (CD), as I’ve said before I believe it is the only way for organisations to keep up with their competitors, or ideally stay ahead of them! The rapidly changing world hasn’t got time to wait for updates; people want quality updates regularly. Gone are the days of 10 years ago where customers would wait months to see changes they’ve paid for. Expectations have changed drastically, without CD companies will fall behind, then be left behind!

This really isn’t anything new, companies are adopting CD, many have been doing it for years. But, as with most things, we sometimes lose focus and drift away from original paths. This doesn’t have to be a negative, when we find an easier way to do something, we tend to do it without thinking on the greater impact. Watching Steve Smith’s presentation – InfoQ: The Death of Continuous Integration – made… Continue reading